West Cost Avengers

12/10/2015 - Game Session
When Toys and Marionettes Attack

12/10/15 Game Session
President Lex Luthor
Trevor Slattery broke out of jail

The Hand meets with Iron Fist and lets him know that only source of the petals that keep Fin Fang Fum to sleep has been destroyed. It was burned down.

Park on Sat afternoon field trip! Arachne’s daughter is with us. Toys being dropped from airplane. People playing as marionettes pull out knives and an explosion goes off off map. Toy monkeys, model cars and toy planes zoom around the marionettes. Arachne gets hit by Murmur. Fight was with Toymaker. Toymaker disappeared into an ally with Brainiac. Murmur and the clowns broke out of the mental institution named for Pinky Tuscadaro. Breakdown in security, no one noticed they were gone until after 24 hours had gone by.

Johns-John calls us to inform us that Lois and Baby Kent have disappeared while walking through the dinosaur park we were at. We walk into Toyman’s workshop from the sewers. He had gas canisters (i.e. Scarecrow). Scarecrow made mental institution people do marionette work. SHIELD takes care of what was there. We go back to Tower Records and Mandarian (10 Rings) breaks into the tv network. He has Trevor Slattery nailed to a wooden table by two large spikes. Doom is coming for us all, specifically for supers in LA. What’s the symbol of decadence in LA that is happening this week?

Besides Christmas and being LA, this week is WonderCon, a Policeman’s Ball, the Adult Video Awards, and an exhibit at the LA Museum of the old gods. Cargo delivered across world including China, Latveria, Iran and LA that had toyman bits: maybe more. Lois and Baby Kent are taken by today’s Brainiac. He caused a temporal anomaly.

Issue 08

The Tesla interface has gone missing from Roxxon and an interdimensional portal was opened from Roxxon going to St. Roach. We know that the Circumference file that was developed by AIM was put somewhere in St. Roach. If Zemo gets his hands on the Circumference file, he will then have access to a list of all the villains’ weaknesses and powers. He clearly believes it is in the Stonechart Museum (an antiquities museum that has the Romaldi Clock among other wonders). The former curator named Antoine LaMonte was caught stealing from the museum. He stole an artifact coat that turned the wearer invisible and allowed the wearer to teleport. When we get to the museum there is a fundraiser going on but we also discover an empty space in the wall of the museum. It’s a null space and that doesn’t make any sense. We meet with Bob Hackett (the current curator) and see the great Romaldi clock that started ticking in the 1600s and knows where it is. We also see a sword that was owned by someone who was killed by Zemo… or who thought they killed Zemo. The details became a bit shaky at that point because suddenly we are attacked by Moonstone, Jack O’Lantern and Deadshot. After a very fast combat, we discover that they were very close to getting the Circumference file and we take it to keep it from Zemo. We take it to Avengers Tower and Cap but before we get very far, MODOK comes looking for the file. Quickly behind MODOK is Hydra, AIM, the Invisible Empire, The Sons of the Serpent, The Hand and the Serpent Society trying to get through the building’s shields. Cap tells us to take Circumference and get it quickly away from the tower and NYC.

9/17/15 Game Session
Issue 07 Empires

A vote was taken and it was decided that we get +1 XP per 15 minutes that Kyle is late…
Hank McCoy (Beast) is stealing food from the kitchen. He’s brought us a device to Point to Pym Particles. McCoy thinks that maybe Pym’s going to try to take the bad stuff out of Ultron and put it in the Fantastic Four symbol (supercomputer).
Erik O’Grady’s Pym Particles are all over the Ultron box. O’Grady was a SHIELD agent that used the Antman suit and was later recruited by Norman Osborne.
Hank was at the 3rd storage unit 2 days ago. We could track him from there.
We go to the Fantastic Four storage facility in San Francisco and find Erik’s Pym Particle in the storage facility. Many things were stolen from the facility such as: Moleman’s battle stave, computer systems notes re the insignia, Sue’s hair braid, Ben’s helmet, Cree starpistol.
4 weeks ago Hank was at the Romaldi page. We track him to the air vent and then to the roof where he got in a mini-sized Quinjet and
2 days ago Hank was at the 3rd storage unit and put his personal effects there. Erik O’Grady is found in a different storage room shrunk in a cryo-state. We close it up and take it to the base and put it in the Simulation Room. Jan comes to help and Herbie helps her to wake up Erik O’Grady in the Antman costume.
Meanwhile on the news: Bethany Snow reports from the Roxxon Enclave as a wall crumbles and Juggernaut comes through. Juggernaut is walking through Roxxon singing showtunes. We quickly show up and discover an invisible Moonstone in the fight. The Masters of Evil are also nearby. Moonstone turns into 6 Moonstones and one of the Moonstone’s eyes shoots Booster Gold and stuns him. Moonstone then stuns Arachne. Moonstone was in the Thunderbolts. Lady Shiva comes out of nowhere and attacks Iron Fist. Baron Zemo, Jack O’Lantern and Deadshot join the fight. After we successfully knock out Juggernaut, the others all disappear having probably taken something from Roxxon.

Brother Blood and Brotherhood of Evil
5 Issues

Characters: Iron Fist (Michael), Nova (Brian), Hawkeye (Alicia), Black Knight (Kyle), Arachne (Judy)

West Coast Avengers Episode 1:
The issue begins with a fight in Dr. Kleiburne’s STAAR Labs facility with a fight against the Brain in a room of canisters of A-30 (a gaseous substance that will paralyze humans and nullify mutants’ powers). While we are distracted by the fight, a jewelry store across the street is robbed and Solomon Grundy and Mr. Hyde are left at the scene. Both are taken into police custody (Solomon Grundy in pieces and Hyde in extra thick “super” restraints). Solomon Grundy soon after escapes police custody and Hyde attempts suicide while in police custody. Nova spends the episode battling a headache and flu-like symptoms. We catch up with the jewelry burglars (heisters if you will) at the top floor of the Beverly Hills Hotel where one goes for a swim and the diamonds are successfully secured. Terrance “Terry” Hall of the LAPD’s super squad informs us that there are ritual killings taking place nearby and girls are being kidnapped for the ritual. Last page of the episode shows Hawkeye answering a phone call from Brother Blood. They are literally calling in a favor for cleaning up the bad press from the end of Civil War.

West Coast Avengers Episode 2:
Hawkeye, Arachne and Terry Hall track down the girls that were kidnapped to farmlands outside of Bennett, CA where there are two Aryan skinhead hillbillies that dropped out of a biker gang and started cooking meth. They have the two girls strung up in a barn and are preparing to create a ritual. Capturing the hillbillies doesn’t seem to be too difficult but when Terry sees the state the girls are in in the barn, he comes back out and kills the one in handcuffs with a point-blank shot to the head. The other one runs from the scene and blows himself up on his own land-mine. Terry is suspended from the force until an investigation can determine what happened at the scene. The ritual appears to be something called Karkossa which is known to “renew earth”. Another way Karkossa is used is as a portal to call the Yellow King back from wandering the earth. It requires a sacrifice of a powerful artifact.
Brother Blood is having their first inaugural procession at the LA Coliseum and have “requested” the West Coast Avengers to be their security for the event. The event itself doesn’t have any security issues, but after the event the Brotherhood of Evil appear at the LA Coliseum to fight against Brother Blood. We fight against Phobia, Voodoo, Plasma and Mala and successfully survive but really can’t say more than that about the fight. After the fight we find out that a “Thin Man” was seen at the event. In fact, we saw him on camera at the event, but afterwards no one can find evidence that he was there. A powerful artifact (a yellow cloak) was taken by the Brotherhood from Brother Blood during the event. We later find out that the cloak was given to a man called Zed who is somewhere between 5’11” and 6’1”. The only good thing that comes out of the LA Coliseum issue is Nova’s headaches stop.

West Coast Avengers Episode 3:
We all look into all the information they can learn about Slender Man. He is involved with the Brotherhood but we can’t determine how. He is part of an urban myth that is known for kidnapping young girls and taking good care of them until they become adults. When the girls grow up, they are killed. We also received a letter from Brother Blood thanking us for helping at the Coliseum with a reward. We donated the reward to three different charities including one helping people get out of cults.
We researched Bennett, CA and found out it was founded by Artemus Childress at the turn of the century. Artie was either born in 1880 or the beginning of time. In the 1970s there were 30,000 people living in the oil-town called Bennett but there was an explosion under the town and 90% of the town was killed in the initial explosion or ensuing fire. Today no one lives there except those looking to live in abandoned buildings. Artie was killed in the explosion but his two children (Earl and Victoria) survived. Victoria went insane after the explosion (or maybe wasn’t sane even before the explosion) and has been in a medically induced coma in a sanitarium in Rhode Island called Happy Trails. She has one visitor every year – an attorney that keeps her funding in good shape. Earl was a teenager when the explosion occurred.
Next we went to Bennett and searched the town. It looks run down and abandoned; nature has regrown over much of it. The town’s Elementary School appeared to have a gang of hillbillies possibly related to the Brotherhood around it. We instead go to Freddie Fasbenders Pizza where the Bennett explosion started all those years ago to see if we could find anything of note. There we found an amazing horror. Arachne discovered the security system still running and she was able to see the animatronics fox, chicken, bunny and bear all moving. The fox and bear went downstairs after Black Knight and Iron Fist while the chicken and bunny went upstairs after Arachne. Hawkeye joined Arachne and after two tough battles all four animatronics were destroyed. At that point we discovered that there were decayed bits of human flesh and organs in the suits.

West Coast Avengers Episode 4:
Episode 4 opens to the West Coast Avengers storming the elementary school in Bennett. It appears the Brotherhood of Evil and Brother Blood’s gang are fighting. Solomon Grundy is in one corner of the cafegymatorium smacking Brotherhood of Evil members using limbs from other Brotherhood members. Mala and the Brain were attacking Brother Blood. A portal opens and Church of the Blood security step through. The Avengers attacked on all sides trying to subdue everyone. The fight quickly got out of control and when a second portal opened Hawkeye’s first instinct was to fire the arrow on his string at it and unfortunately that explosion kicked back at him and Arachne. After the fight, Solomon Grundy waded through the bodies and past the Avengers and out the door. Brother Blood’s guards took the Brain and Mala went with them through the portal.

West Coast Avengers Episode 5:
All Roads lead to Rhode Island. We find leylines under Bennett, CA that are also under Rhode Island. Terry Hall calls from Rhode Island. There is a trail of dead cows from California to Rhode Island. We figure out that Solomon Grundy walked from California to Rhode Island eating cows along the way. When we arrive in Rhode Island there is a curtain of fog settled in around Happy Trails. The parking lot is full of cars and the fog seems impenetrable. When we pass through the fog, we enter a whole new dimension where the walls are slimy and go up a mostly empty sanitarium to find Victoria by herself in the room. We went back down the hall and under the sanitarium we find Zed, a pit of bodies, Solomon Grundy and 2 elder signs. After an extensive fight where Iron Fist knocked himself out and Arachne gave Solomon Grundy the opportunity to hit someone, we managed to win the day and keep The Yellow King from manifesting in our world. Captain Hall is found alive with the nurses and doctors in the pit of bodies. Victoria is never seen again.

Issue 1
Searching Storage Units

Atlantian named Tyrek at the docks near the Roxxon Corp. Arachne puts a barrier between us and it and we wait for it to break. Booster tells the dock workers to get out of here. Tyrek is here to destroy us because Roxxon pollutes the oceans. Electrical damage makes him stronger. We win the simulation.

Coming out of the simulation we find that Cap and Janet are waiting to speak with us. Cap says Hank Pym is missing. He was last seen in Nebraska where he emptied his bank accounts and sold the family farm. A lot of high tech facilities across the country have been broken into in the last week. Cap says to quietly find Pym without letting Fury and Shield know. In LA the targets we think of are: SI (inventory missing), Roxxon equipment, Wayne Tech West (unusual inventory prototype loss), Staar Labs (energy studies lab broken into – researching ionic energy), Cybertek equipment, Worthington Industries equipment. Reed Richards’ equipment stolen from San Francisco. Herbie can tell us that there is something missing but not what that something is.

3 storage units in LA have been broken into that we can’t figure out their owners:
1) Veritas Building – How Now Brown Cow says Simon Krueger and lets us in. A box was taken out of a climate controlled room. The box smelled like either a cloth covered octopus or old books. It doesn’t look like they used the computer to get in. There is a pedestal in the storage facility where the box rested. The pedestal had a symbol of the Eye of Romaldi on it. Romaldi was a 15th century Italian philosopher/engineer/future teller. His book was divided into 7 parts and scattered across the world. It has been divided even more. There is a known Cult of Romaldi with members named Von Struker, Schmidt, and Zemo among many others. 1 page of the Romaldi book is in the Maria Stark Foundation because Howard bought it; 2 pages are in England.
2) Standard facility – 3 buildings with a gate out front. Security doors on each unit. Security guard is clearly part of the Russian mob oh and a member of Hydra. After Booster Gold hits him so hard it sends him into orbit, and Nova crushed a gun the other 6 don’t seem to want to mess with the rest of us. There is a box in room 42. The box is a faraday cage with space that would have clearly held Ultron’s head once upon a time.
3) Private Bank with a normal door to enter. Security guard’s supervisor comes out to us and takes us to a vault where there are smaller storage rooms. Nothing was taken from this room but a very nice expensive box was in this room. The code that was used to try to break into this room was Nathan Garrett’s. Nathan was a coworker of Hank’s, the original Black Knight (a villain) most likely dead. There are three items in the velvet lined box: Hank Pym’s wedding band, a photo of the Original Avengers, and a note to Clint from Hank saying so sorry there’s no way to patch this one up…

In Nebraska there is no scent to be tracked by Logan and Hank McCoy. Hank knows Pym was working with the particle, but his equipment was shrunk and disappeared. Hank says he can work on a device that will trace the Pym Particle.

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum sold!

The historic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum has been sold to a private European investment firm. Actual terms of the sale have not been disclosed at this time, but the USC Trojans have already announced that they will be temporarily moving home games to the nearby Los Angels Sports Arena. Significant construction began almost immediately once the sale was confirmed, but the basic footprint of the Coliseum remains intact.

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