West Cost Avengers

Issue 1

Searching Storage Units

Atlantian named Tyrek at the docks near the Roxxon Corp. Arachne puts a barrier between us and it and we wait for it to break. Booster tells the dock workers to get out of here. Tyrek is here to destroy us because Roxxon pollutes the oceans. Electrical damage makes him stronger. We win the simulation.

Coming out of the simulation we find that Cap and Janet are waiting to speak with us. Cap says Hank Pym is missing. He was last seen in Nebraska where he emptied his bank accounts and sold the family farm. A lot of high tech facilities across the country have been broken into in the last week. Cap says to quietly find Pym without letting Fury and Shield know. In LA the targets we think of are: SI (inventory missing), Roxxon equipment, Wayne Tech West (unusual inventory prototype loss), Staar Labs (energy studies lab broken into – researching ionic energy), Cybertek equipment, Worthington Industries equipment. Reed Richards’ equipment stolen from San Francisco. Herbie can tell us that there is something missing but not what that something is.

3 storage units in LA have been broken into that we can’t figure out their owners:
1) Veritas Building – How Now Brown Cow says Simon Krueger and lets us in. A box was taken out of a climate controlled room. The box smelled like either a cloth covered octopus or old books. It doesn’t look like they used the computer to get in. There is a pedestal in the storage facility where the box rested. The pedestal had a symbol of the Eye of Romaldi on it. Romaldi was a 15th century Italian philosopher/engineer/future teller. His book was divided into 7 parts and scattered across the world. It has been divided even more. There is a known Cult of Romaldi with members named Von Struker, Schmidt, and Zemo among many others. 1 page of the Romaldi book is in the Maria Stark Foundation because Howard bought it; 2 pages are in England.
2) Standard facility – 3 buildings with a gate out front. Security doors on each unit. Security guard is clearly part of the Russian mob oh and a member of Hydra. After Booster Gold hits him so hard it sends him into orbit, and Nova crushed a gun the other 6 don’t seem to want to mess with the rest of us. There is a box in room 42. The box is a faraday cage with space that would have clearly held Ultron’s head once upon a time.
3) Private Bank with a normal door to enter. Security guard’s supervisor comes out to us and takes us to a vault where there are smaller storage rooms. Nothing was taken from this room but a very nice expensive box was in this room. The code that was used to try to break into this room was Nathan Garrett’s. Nathan was a coworker of Hank’s, the original Black Knight (a villain) most likely dead. There are three items in the velvet lined box: Hank Pym’s wedding band, a photo of the Original Avengers, and a note to Clint from Hank saying so sorry there’s no way to patch this one up…

In Nebraska there is no scent to be tracked by Logan and Hank McCoy. Hank knows Pym was working with the particle, but his equipment was shrunk and disappeared. Hank says he can work on a device that will trace the Pym Particle.


I’m worried that Pym’s been in my pocket this whole time.

Issue 1

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