West Cost Avengers

12/10/2015 - Game Session

When Toys and Marionettes Attack

12/10/15 Game Session
President Lex Luthor
Trevor Slattery broke out of jail

The Hand meets with Iron Fist and lets him know that only source of the petals that keep Fin Fang Fum to sleep has been destroyed. It was burned down.

Park on Sat afternoon field trip! Arachne’s daughter is with us. Toys being dropped from airplane. People playing as marionettes pull out knives and an explosion goes off off map. Toy monkeys, model cars and toy planes zoom around the marionettes. Arachne gets hit by Murmur. Fight was with Toymaker. Toymaker disappeared into an ally with Brainiac. Murmur and the clowns broke out of the mental institution named for Pinky Tuscadaro. Breakdown in security, no one noticed they were gone until after 24 hours had gone by.

Johns-John calls us to inform us that Lois and Baby Kent have disappeared while walking through the dinosaur park we were at. We walk into Toyman’s workshop from the sewers. He had gas canisters (i.e. Scarecrow). Scarecrow made mental institution people do marionette work. SHIELD takes care of what was there. We go back to Tower Records and Mandarian (10 Rings) breaks into the tv network. He has Trevor Slattery nailed to a wooden table by two large spikes. Doom is coming for us all, specifically for supers in LA. What’s the symbol of decadence in LA that is happening this week?

Besides Christmas and being LA, this week is WonderCon, a Policeman’s Ball, the Adult Video Awards, and an exhibit at the LA Museum of the old gods. Cargo delivered across world including China, Latveria, Iran and LA that had toyman bits: maybe more. Lois and Baby Kent are taken by today’s Brainiac. He caused a temporal anomaly.



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