West Cost Avengers

9/17/15 Game Session

Issue 07 Empires

A vote was taken and it was decided that we get +1 XP per 15 minutes that Kyle is late…
Hank McCoy (Beast) is stealing food from the kitchen. He’s brought us a device to Point to Pym Particles. McCoy thinks that maybe Pym’s going to try to take the bad stuff out of Ultron and put it in the Fantastic Four symbol (supercomputer).
Erik O’Grady’s Pym Particles are all over the Ultron box. O’Grady was a SHIELD agent that used the Antman suit and was later recruited by Norman Osborne.
Hank was at the 3rd storage unit 2 days ago. We could track him from there.
We go to the Fantastic Four storage facility in San Francisco and find Erik’s Pym Particle in the storage facility. Many things were stolen from the facility such as: Moleman’s battle stave, computer systems notes re the insignia, Sue’s hair braid, Ben’s helmet, Cree starpistol.
4 weeks ago Hank was at the Romaldi page. We track him to the air vent and then to the roof where he got in a mini-sized Quinjet and
2 days ago Hank was at the 3rd storage unit and put his personal effects there. Erik O’Grady is found in a different storage room shrunk in a cryo-state. We close it up and take it to the base and put it in the Simulation Room. Jan comes to help and Herbie helps her to wake up Erik O’Grady in the Antman costume.
Meanwhile on the news: Bethany Snow reports from the Roxxon Enclave as a wall crumbles and Juggernaut comes through. Juggernaut is walking through Roxxon singing showtunes. We quickly show up and discover an invisible Moonstone in the fight. The Masters of Evil are also nearby. Moonstone turns into 6 Moonstones and one of the Moonstone’s eyes shoots Booster Gold and stuns him. Moonstone then stuns Arachne. Moonstone was in the Thunderbolts. Lady Shiva comes out of nowhere and attacks Iron Fist. Baron Zemo, Jack O’Lantern and Deadshot join the fight. After we successfully knock out Juggernaut, the others all disappear having probably taken something from Roxxon.



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