West Cost Avengers

The Tesla interface has gone missing from Roxxon and an interdimensional portal was opened from Roxxon going to St. Roach. We know that the Circumference file that was developed by AIM was put somewhere in St. Roach. If Zemo gets his hands on the Circumference file, he will then have access to a list of all the villains’ weaknesses and powers. He clearly believes it is in the Stonechart Museum (an antiquities museum that has the Romaldi Clock among other wonders). The former curator named Antoine LaMonte was caught stealing from the museum. He stole an artifact coat that turned the wearer invisible and allowed the wearer to teleport. When we get to the museum there is a fundraiser going on but we also discover an empty space in the wall of the museum. It’s a null space and that doesn’t make any sense. We meet with Bob Hackett (the current curator) and see the great Romaldi clock that started ticking in the 1600s and knows where it is. We also see a sword that was owned by someone who was killed by Zemo… or who thought they killed Zemo. The details became a bit shaky at that point because suddenly we are attacked by Moonstone, Jack O’Lantern and Deadshot. After a very fast combat, we discover that they were very close to getting the Circumference file and we take it to keep it from Zemo. We take it to Avengers Tower and Cap but before we get very far, MODOK comes looking for the file. Quickly behind MODOK is Hydra, AIM, the Invisible Empire, The Sons of the Serpent, The Hand and the Serpent Society trying to get through the building’s shields. Cap tells us to take Circumference and get it quickly away from the tower and NYC.



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